About Varoom3D


VAROOM is offering 3-D printed stainless steel items and logos on belt buckles to the motorcycle world using technology developed by M.I.T. and licensed exclusively by the manufacturer.  Very few 3-D entities can print in stainless steel and none with the detail that Varoom offers.

Our product is guaranteed for life,  does not rust and withstands any weather conditions. Each 3-D item is custom made and hand finished in the USA fusing imagination and technology.

The product is further enhanced with  Swarovski® crystals, the worlds leader in beautiful crystals. Varoom's heavy duty belt buckles are offered in two (2) finish's....ANTIQUE NICKEL and ANTIQUE BRONZE OX.  Many of the designs offered can be personalized with the motorcycle club's logo or the rider's name.

Since all orders are custom and made on a per order basis so please allow three (3) weeks for delivery. For orders outside the continental USA please contact: varoom3d@gmail.com or call 724.351-0461.

YES, We can do your own design but there are up front design fees for the creation of the stl digital file.of $175 per design and a minimum order of forty (40) pieces.